Damir Opsenica

CEO at BeeIN


Damir’s working experience highlights coming from interactions with customers, exploring and understanding ICT technology and  benefits around it. Last decade with Ericsson he was supporting development of 5G and Cloudifications. With Iskratel he got a great opportunity to learn and understand the language of the industry, and create solid foundations for sustainable success of 5G digitalization concepts. Recently  became CEO of BeeIN.

BeeIN’s vision is based on an in-depth analysis of the development potential of the mobile communications market of the future. BeeIN will focus on targeted segments of industry verticals with high-quality, reliable, and secure mission-critical communications services. BeeIN is devoted to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Industrial IoT, forming alliances with cross-industry partners to jointly advance new economy, enabling more intelligent services and new business opportunities. The Slovenian environment will serve as an incubator of services with the potential of being applied to foreign markets as well.

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