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Future 4.0 is a conference focused on industry 4.0. Our main goal is to directly connect industrial corporations and enterprises with eligible Startups/SMEs from Adriatic region.

This year we have prepared a special offer for all companies that want to work with startups.

If you want to distinguish yourself as a company interested in new technologies, industry 4.0 and of course in working with startups, we invite you to apply and become Attendee Coroporation Future 4.0.

This gives you access to the entire first day of the conference and allows you to see how corporations are already working successfully with startups today. 



All you need to do is fill out the application below, and once it has been reviewed, we will notify you if you qualify for Attendee Coroporation Future 4.0. Registration is free of charge.

Difference between Attendee Coroporation and Partner Coroporation:


  • Personal startup scouting based on your needs and wishes.
  • Access the selected range of startups that are Future 4.0 participants.
  • 1: 1 ONLINE Meeting with selected 4.0-oriented industry representatives Startups/SMEs from the Adriatic region, selected by corporation
  • Promotion of your company as a main partner of Future 4.0 partner.
  • Full access to the Future 4.0 program (2 days).
  • 2 invitations for your business partners or employees for the first day of the conference.
  • Networking lunch and evening lounge party in the evening for a limited number of startups / SMEs and companies who will be invited

If you are interested in becoming a partner corporation, please contact us at




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